Revenue Disaster Management Government of Andhra Pradesh
     Revenue (Disaster Management)  

   In the view of the Paradigm shift in the relief centric approach to overall Disaster Management involving preparedness, mitigation, relief & rehabilitation, the     department is renamed as Revenue (Disaster Management) Department.

    Functions of the Disaster Management setup in AP

§ Monitoring seasonal conditions.

§ Preparation and updating of calamity contingency plans for cyclone, flood, drought, earthquake, etc

§ Dissemination of early warnings in case of threat of calamities such as cyclone and flood.

§ Coordination of evacuation/ rescue, relief and rehabilitation activities in natural calamities.

§ Submission of memorandum for assistance from NCCF to the Central Government in case of occurrence of natural calamities; and Coordination with Planning Department in preparation of disaster mitigation plan by various line departments.